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marhnos® benefits

The best for our loved ones.

It is very important for us to offer the best to our clients, and for the satisfaction of obtaining a property not only to be a delightful experience for our buyers, but also to us.
That is why we offer the best plans


Company’s plan

Benefits for our allies.

If you work for any of these companies (Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola, Santander, Grupo Herdez, Casa Blanca, Alen, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, +Kota or KidZania) marhnos® has the following benefits for you. *Check the terms and conditions with your advisor.
- 2 % discount on the purchase of any of our developments, on the list price*.
- 2% of the value of the house and/or apartment equipped Mabe brand appliances, taking into consideration the list price of our developments*.
*Does not apply with other business plans or other promotions.
Some success stories of the partnerships with companies are:

+kota Alen coca-cola Club-casa-blanca Grupo-Herdez Kidzania mercedes Shf


Referral plan

Refer and win!

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Investor's Club

Discover the benefits of being part of the investor club!

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